Regular Maintenance

Schedule a tune-up to avoid AC repair for these three items

The regular maintenance of the air conditioner will offer benefits in terms of increased cooling efficiency. It’ll also help you avoid AC repair in the summer. You will remain perfectly cool inside the house during scorching hot summer days with regular service of the cooling device. That’s why ABC offers AC tune-ups. An air conditioner […]

Consider AC Tune Up in Spring

Three Reasons To Consider A Spring AC Tune-Up

Spring season has arrived in all its glory and loveliness. Now is the perfect time to tune up your air conditioner so that you can pass the hot days ahead in complete comfort inside the house. The equipment gives respite from the sweltering heat, which is the reason you should make sure that it is […]

Furnace After Winter

How to Properly Shut Down Your Furnace After Winter

The winter season is about to end in most part of the United States, including California. It’s important that homeowners make preparation for the change of season, and that includes a seasonal furnace shutdown. In fact, the furnace that keeps the home warm during the winter months should be shut down at the end of […]