With our team, stopping leaks in your home is as easy as A-B-C

Whether it’s a faucet that won’t stop dripping, a toilet that keeps running, or a ceiling stain that continues to grow, there is often nothing worse to a homeowner than a leak. Left unchecked, stray water can cause damage that may not be easy to repair. Stopping leaks needs to be your top priority as a homeowner.

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Stopping leaks starts with calling a professional plumber

Left unchecked, water leaks can cause serious damage. Stopping leaks is a job best left to a professional plumber.

Drip, drip, drop

In many cases, a leak is easy to spot. Maybe it’s a pool of water emerging from under your dishwasher or the puddle of mud collecting by the outside faucet.

These kinds of problems do not always involve a straightforward fix and can cause significant issues if left alone. If possible, find the shutoff valve closest to the leak to minimize water damage before calling one of our plumbers in to take a look at the problem.

Hunting and stopping leaks

Hiding inside your walls and above your ceilings are a web of hot and cold water pipes that, over time, can develop leaks. These often invisible threats cause damage that can be expensive to repair, and—if left alone—can lead to mold or other hazards. Here are some ways to easily identify if there is unwanted water flow:

  • Brown spots spreading on the ceiling
  • Puddles or staining on the floor
  • Bubbling paint spots
  • Dripping noises behind walls or ceiling
  • The sound of running water when faucets and toilets are not in use

These danger signs suggest a leak might be hiding out of sight, and it may get worse with time. It’s worth noting that the place where water is pooling, gathering, or dripping may not be the actual source of the leak. A good example is a leak the develops in a pipe in the upstairs, but the water drops fall down a story to the wall of the first floor living room.

However, not all leaks are so easily visible. In the next section, we’ll review what you should do if you think there’s a leak but you can’t see the general area where it is in.

Determining if you have a leak

If you still suspect you have an issue but can’t find any direct evidence, your water meter can help determine if there is a problem. Built into most models is a leak detector, usually a dial that moves as water flows.

Don’t use water for about 20 minutes, then write down the number on that dial. Check it again later to see if the number has changed. If so, you’ve probably got a leak, and you should call in the experts to help you find where it is in your home.

Call ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for expert local leak detection

Left untreated, a water leak can seriously damage your home. It can result in mold and mildew growth that is harmful for you and your family’s health. It’s important that you deal with leaks as soon as possible.

That’s why we recommend calling us for your leak detection needs here in Hayward and the Bay Area. We offer plumbing repair services, and our expert plumbers have both the equipment and experience to find and fix leaks without the need for removing drywall from entire walls at a time.

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