Here are 3 easy summer AC maintenance tips for your home

­­Summer is officially here in the Bay Area! Most people around here have already started firing up their AC units and anyone who lives here knows that once summer starts, you don’t really get a chance to turn off your AC until cooler weather rolls back around. To help you save on all that air conditioning, we’ve compiled a list of three, super-easy summer AC maintenance tips to help you lower your upcoming energy bills.

Call ABC for more summer AC maintenance tips from our certified experts!1. Have our team come inspect and replace your air filter if needed

The air filters in your home collect everything—including dirt, dust, and other debris—and keep it from circulating in the air inside of your house. Over time, your air filter will eventually become clogged and stop working correctly. As a result of it being blocked, the airflow to and from the air conditioner is cut off, lowering your energy-efficiency and putting additional strain on your AC system, which causes your energy bills to skyrocket.

During a tune-up from our team, one of our professional technicians will inspect your air filter and replace or clean it as needed. During the summer months, it is recommended that your filter be checked once a month as the filter will get dirtier faster due to the increased use of your cooling system.

There are several different kinds of air filters, so call our team at ABC and we’ll give you all of the information you need to perform the correct upkeep during the summer.

2. Have our team inspect your AC coils

Another summer AC maintenance tip that many people are unaware of is having your ABC technician check the coils of your AC unit. If the coils are not working properly or are dirty, your system will work much harder to generate cool air, leaving you with a much higher-than-usual energy bill. The system will have to draw that much more energy to cool the room than if the coils were not defective or dirty.

Not only will your energy bills start to spike, but there will also be an increased risk of your entire system breaking down due to overuse.

This can be easily avoided by having the coils of your AC unit inspected by one of our experienced technicians at the beginning of the summer season. This is a great chance for us to figure out the problem before your summer energy bills become a serious issue.

When you hire ABC, one of our techs will check the coils and also the fins on the outside of your unit. These parts are what allow air to efficiently run in and throughout your AC unit. If the technician finds that the coils are dirty, they will use special equipment to clean the coil.

This may seem like a task you could perform yourself, on your own unit. However, we advise that you do NOT attempt to clean your AC coils yourself. You could potentially damage critical components inside of your unit while trying to clean the coils, which could lead to a way bigger issue—and also one that could be way more expensive. In some cases, the homeowner opening the air conditioner may also void your manufacturer’s warranty. It is better to leave this work to our team at ABC, where we have trained professionals who have the training and experience needed to work with your air conditioner.

3. Schedule a tune-up at the beginning of summer!

A complete summer AC maintenance tune-up from our team—which includes checking your filter, cleaning your coils, and much more—can only add to the increase in cooling your unit will produce. This means less money you will spend trying to keep you and your family cool this summer.

No matter what the age of your system is (or the make or model), our NATE-certified technicians can help it run better for the rest of the summer.

During your tune-up, one of our experienced technicians will check the entire system and perform any necessary repairs. This helps catch small problems with your AC unit before they become big (expensive) problems. This can also prevent your system from having a breakdown on the hottest day of the year.

For more summer AC maintenance tips, call ABC!

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