Avoid a sewer catastrophe by watching out for the signs of a main sewer line clog

The most critical plumbing emergency a homeowner can face is a main sewer line clog. Without a way to properly get to the main sewer system or septic tank, the wastewater from your home will have nowhere to go besides up through your floor drains or back out of your fixtures and faucets. If you notice any of this happening or if your home’s drains clog simultaneously, you should immediately stop using the home’s plumbing all together and turn off the water.

In this article, we will discuss the signs of a main sewer line clog and what to do if you suspect you have a blocked sewer line. Contact ABC if you need plumbing services and emergency drain cleaning here in Hayward and the Bay Area.

Your home's sewer line carries wastewater away from your home. If a main sewer line clog forms, it could mean a serious backup problem into your home.What are the signs that you have a main sewer line clog?

1. Fixtures are clogged

Usually the most obvious sign of a main sewer line clog is when multiple drains are backed up at the same time. The first drain to experience problems will probably be the toilet, but other main-level fixtures like showers or tubs can also be involved, as well. If you suspect a sewer line clog, check the toilet first, following with the other drains in your bathroom.

2. Check the toilets

Toilets have the most direct path from the main drain and they also have the biggest drain pipes out of all of the fixtures, so this is why you can usually spot the problem here first. The toilet will do things like not flush properly, or make strange noises when water is running elsewhere in a sink, tub, or washing machine. This is a sure sign of a main drain problem.

3. Run sink water

Trapped air in the plumbing system can be a sign of sewer line issues. While running the sink water, you may hear the toilet making strange noises or notice the toilet’s water level rising.

4. Turn on the washing machine

A more unexpected sign of a main drain clog will come to light once you run your washing machine. If the water draining from your washing machine causes your toilet to overflow or backs up and starts to come out of shower or tub drains, it’s more than likely a sign the drain is clogged. Turn off the water supply to your home and call our plumbers for service.

What you should do if your main sewer drain is clogged

Immediately stop using your plumbing! Do not run any more water down the drains of sinks or showers and avoid flushing the toilets in your house. By adding water to the clogged sewer line, you are essentially just continuing to make the problem far, far worse.

As an added precaution, we recommend that you can shut off the main water line to your house so that nobody in the home accidentally runs the water. Then, call our local plumbers to have the drain and clog cleared. The plumbing professionals at ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing have special equipment that will quickly and effectively remove any large clogs in main sewer lines.

Your home’s sewer lines are essential to carrying wastewater away from your home. If your sewer line clogs or breaks, it could mean serious trouble for your home.

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