For emergency clog clearing in Hayward, call our plumbers

During this time of uncertainty and mandatory business closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still providing essential HVAC and plumbing services here in Hayward and the East Bay. This includes our emergency clog clearing and drain cleaning service. If your home has a clogged drain, our team is here to help.

The team at ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is standing by and ready to help address your home’s urgent plumbing repair needs. If you have a clogged sink, shower, or toilet, call us right away for fast, 24/7 service here in Hayward and the Bay Area. Our team specializes in drain cleaning.

Why hire a plumber?

Some toilet, sink, or shower drain clogs are just too tough for your ordinary plunger. If you have a clog that just won’t come out, you’ll need to have a plumber take a look. Our team of plumbers has the experience and equipment needed to clear even the toughest, most stubborn clog.

Here are just some of the professional-grade tools of the trade:

  • Snake Tools: Our plumbers carry a wide variety of snake tools for reaching and removing obstructions deep inside of drains.
  • Drain Augers: These are specialized snake tools that are motorized and can quickly cut through a clog deep in a drain or pipe.
  • Hydrojets: To clean out the pipe and completely remove any remnants of the clog, we use a high-pressure water jet that flushes debris off of the pipe’s interior walls.
  • Endoscopic Cameras: In some cases, our plumber may need to scope out the source of the obstruction to best figure out how to clear it. To do this, we use specialized snake tools with small cameras attached at the end. This allows our plumber to see deep into the pipe and view the obstruction.

Avoid using drain cleaning chemicals

While many of the drain cleaning chemicals available in stores advertise themselves as safe for your drains and pipes, it’s generally not a good idea to turn to these highly corrosive chemicals for regular drain cleaning purposes. Over time, the extreme acidity of these chemicals can eat away at older metal pipes and harm PVC ones, as well. Additionally, drain cleaners are dangerous to have around your home—especially if you have small children.

As a general rule of thumb, our plumbers will avoid using drain cleaning chemicals to clear household clogs. Most clogs are more effectively and safely cleared using professional tools than with a chemical mixture.

We are here for your home

Our team of expert plumbers and HVAC technicians at ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is here for your home throughout the current COVID-19 outbreak. Read more about the precautions our team is taking to protect you and your home, and be sure to call us for all your 24/7 emergency service needs here in Hayward and the East Bay.