Here’s how preventative maintenance can save you money

What’s the secret to being a successful, happy homeowner? It comes down to mindset: a proactive homeowner will always feel more comfortable and in control than one that is purely reactive to things that happen in your home. The key to switching from being reactive to being proactive starts with investing in preventive maintenance. By thinking ahead and taking steps to protect your home today, you can set yourself up for major savings in the future.

In this article, we’ll review the benefits of preventative maintenance, why it makes sense to act quickly, and how you can make home upkeep easier on yourself. Part of that is knowing when to call in a professional. At ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, our team offers outstanding cooling, heating, and plumbing services in Hayward and the East Bay. We’re ready to help keep your home in its best shape.

Start saving with the right preventative maintenance.

If you own a home, upkeep and maintenance isn’t optional. Check out our latest infographic to learn what you can do to keep your home in great shape—and set yourself up for savings.


Save when you schedule your seasonal HVAC tune-up

Want to prevent HVAC breakdowns, cut your utility bills, and make your home more comfortable? If the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” then preventative cooling and heating maintenance is key. When it comes to your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace, tune-ups are more than a formality: an inspection and checkup could be a major difference-maker for your home.

Preventative maintenance can help your furnace avoid a winter breakdown.

Preventative maintenance can help your furnace avoid a winter breakdown.

Boost your energy-efficiency

First, tune-ups help your cooling or heating system run more efficiently. Over the course of the summer or winter ahead, this will keep your utility bills lower and your home more comfortable. In fact, when the entire season is taken into account, your energy savings may very well pay for the tune-up in the first place!

Prevent breakdowns

Of course, one of the main reasons homeowners schedule tune-ups is to prevent breakdowns. That’s the “preventative” in “preventative maintenance,” after all. When an HVAC professional—like the cooling and heating experts on our team—regularly inspects your air conditioner or furnace, they’ll have the opportunity to catch small issues before they lead to a breakdown. For example, with your heating system, a technician might recommend replacing a deteriorating flame sensor before it shuts down your entire gas furnace on the coldest night of the year.

Extend the life of your system

There’s one additional benefit of preventative HVAC maintenance: an extended system life. Air conditioners, heat pumps, and other systems that receive annual tune-ups are much more likely to last longer and run better as they get older. That’s important: squeezing additional efficient years out of your current system can save you thousands.

Address small issues before they become big problems

Throughout your home, it’s better to deal with things while they’re relatively minor and easy to fix than when they explode into a major disaster. Every one of us knows this, yet procrastination is a powerful force—especially when you have a lot on your plate. It’s easy to say that replacing the shingles on your roof can wait until next month. Then, several months have gone by and you now have a roof leak.

As a homeowner, you need to make a conscious effort to stay on top of necessary home maintenance. Our recommendation is that you separate the essential projects from the non-essential projects. Repainting your interior walls might be a good idea, but your house isn’t going to burn down if you don’t get around to it. The same can’t be said for addressing a circuit breaker that isn’t working properly. Obviously, not every home repair need is going to have that high of stakes, but you should weigh the consequences of not taking action when prioritizing what you get around to working on.

When it comes to major home repairs, you’re not alone. That’s why it’s critical that you know when to bring in some extra help.

Know when to call in a professional

Even the handiest of homeowners can quickly find themselves out of their element. There are some home issues that you may not have the training, tools, or time to address. It’s generally recommended that you bring in a professional to help with your home’s HVAC, roofing, plumbing, or electrical needs. These are not areas for DIY experimentation: even starting one of these projects could be dangerous for your home and yourself. Or, you risk breaking something even further. For example, opening your own air conditioner for “maintenance” will most likely void the manufacturer’s warranty and lead to problems for the system.

Generally speaking, homeowners are tackling more and more home projects themselves. That’s a positive trend, but you need to know your limits. Any time where the project is dangerous, technical, or is governed by local code, it’s just easier to bring in an expert.

Automate your home maintenance

Too many of us are guilty of leaving handwritten sticky notes all over the place. “Pick up the dry cleaning.” “Reset the pool pump.” “Clean the gutters.” This is a generally ineffective approach to home maintenance. The results are often scattershot: in the less busy times of the year, you’re on top of things. But, when school or work pick up, home maintenance and upkeep gets put on the back-burner.

Start by listing out everything you need to do for your home throughout the year, and how often it needs to get done. Then, put all of those items into a digital calendar with recurring dates. That way, you get a calendar alert on your phone when it’s time to winterize your lawn, clean the baseboards, or flush your water heater.

Better yet, partner with companies that can help you automate some of your home maintenance. For example, our Guardian Maintenance Club is a great way for homeowners to keep up with their cooling and heating maintenance. Once you’re a member, we call you to schedule your seasonal tune-ups. It’s just one less thing for you to remember twice every year.

Keep your home in top shape with these preventative maintenance tips.

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