Make the switch to a new demand-type water heater

If you are considering a water heater replacement, you should think about the numerous demand-type water heater advantages you can benefit from. If you are not considering a replacement, perhaps you should be.

In this blog, we’ll run through the advantages of switching to a new tankless system. To get started, contact our team.

Is it time to replace your old water heater?

How can you know if you need to replace your water heater? Here are some important indicators:

  • Your current water heater is 10 or more years old.
  • Your energy bill has gone up without significantly increased use.
  • Your hot water supply runs out more quickly than it used to.
  • There is visible damage to the water tank, such as a crack.

If any one or more of these things is true for you, a new water heater would be a wise investment in the near future, and ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is here to help you make the transition.

The advantages of going tankless

If you haven’t already made the switch to a tankless water heater, now is the time to do it. Instead of storing hot water in a tank that must refill itself before use after it is emptied, tankless water heaters provide hot water continuously, heating the water as it flows. You won’t run out of hot water, even when multiple people are using it at once.

Here are some other demand-type water heater advantages for you to consider:

  • Fewer risks to your home – A tank in an old water heater can experience malfunctions or sustain damage that can lead to flooding or other problems in your home. Tankless water heaters have no tank to burst, and don’t endure the massive amounts of water pressure that can lead to issues.
  • Savings on your energy bill – Tankless water heaters are far more energy-efficient, which means you won’t need to spend as much money heating the same amount of water. In fact, you could cut your bill by more than 20 percent!
  • Longer-lasting equipment – Demand-type water heaters have roughly twice the lifespan of a water heater with a tank. They also have many replaceable parts, so repairs are easier and cost less.

Call ABC to learn more about a demand-type water heater

At ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, we understand your desire to make the best decisions for your home, family, and finances. With our services, we offer fair pricing and full satisfaction to all our customers.

If you’re ready to upgrade your old water heater to a new demand-type system, contact us today for a quote.

Hard water and lime scale: the dangers they pose to your plumbing

Plumbing catastrophes: nobody wants them, but sometimes they’re just kind of a fact of life. From a burst pipe or leaks to no hot water, we’ve all dealt with something like this and it can pretty easily ruin someone’s day.

One thing that can gradually be doing damage to a plumbing system without a homeowner’s knowledge is lime scale and mineral buildup. Having a water softener installed by ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing may help to minimize harm that could be done to your home’s plumbing and appliances.

Pictured: Sink drain with some rust and lime scale deposits.Hard water basics

Hard water is water that contains an elevated concentration of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium, which are dissolved. It is a relatively slow but sure process, and over time these minerals build up inside pipes and drains as what we call lime scale. It is not something that can be avoided, but it is a challenge that must be addressed.

Hints of hard water issues in your home

It can be exceedingly difficult to detect hard water damage. Luckily, there are some helpful clues that can signify a lime scale problem:

  • Increase in the amount of soap scum in tub or washing machine
  • Dripping facets
  • Decrease in the availability of hot water

When hard water is causing damage to your pipes, it also decreases the efficiency at which your appliances are running, so an increased amount of soap scum in your washer or bathtub can be a sign of hard water problems, and so can difficulty getting hot water.

If there are facets in your house that don’t turn off all the way, this can sometimes mean that it’s trying to compensate for lime scale buildup. That is to say, don’t ignore these discrepancies; it is probably a good idea to have them checked out and consider having a water softener installed.

A reputable company for your plumbing needs

If you’re seeing signs of hard water problems in your house, then call ABC Cooling, Heating and Plumbing today at 510-471-8181. We will be able to promptly send dependable professionals to install a water softener to protect your pipes from lime scale.

In fact, you can trust us to handle all your plumbing repairs with proper care and expertise, because we will go above and beyond what a regular plumber could accomplish.